Olvos Luxury Suites Location

Olvos Luxury Suites in Santorini is brilliantly located in Oia, the island’s most romantic village that has become famous for its beautiful beauty and breathtaking panoramic vistas. Sitting on the cliff of the Caldera the suites ideally combine stunning views of the sea and the volcano with an air of exclusive privacy. During their sojourn at Olvos Luxury Suites, guests can enjoy the best that Santorini has to offer staying only a hair’s breadth away from some of the island’s finest restaurants, bars, boutiques and a profusion of sophisticated offerings that run the entire gamut of leisure and entertainment experiences. 


Tholos, Oia’s Most Scenic Quarter

Nestling beautifully on Oia’s western edge, the quaint neighborhood of Tholos in Santorini is one of the most scenic parts of the village; a quarter overflowing with authentic Cycladic charm; Think of a charming cluster of residences perched high on the cliff of the breathtaking caldera featuring smooth winding interconnecting alleys, whitewashed dwellings, blue-domed chapels popping up now and then, fuchsia cascades of bougainvilleas and the most gorgeous views of the sea and the volcano!


Airport: 15 km
Port: 21 km
Imerovigli: 11 km
Oia centre: 700 m 
Fira: 16 km
Paradisos Beach: 3.5 km
Ammoudi bay: 1.5 km